Dr. Ivy's Theses Supervised:

E. Power, Examining Unique Domestic Migration Processes and Relationships between Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties (2008)

J. Mura, The Putin Administration’s Policies and Russian Initiatives to Rebuild a Eurasian Empire (2006)

E. Moldovan, Seasonal Migration in Florida: An Analysis of Predictors and Local Impacts. (2003)

C. Glatz, Decentralization, Land Use Change and Commercial Growth in Daytona Beach, Florida. (2003)

L. Soukupova, Assessing the Impacts of Tourism in Post-Socialist Countries: A Case Study of the Czech Republic. (2003)

A. Fajardo, Air Fares, Travel Distance and Route Competition. (2001)

M. Zappi, German Travel Behavior and Its Relationship to International Tourism Trends. (2001)

R. Witters, Changing Variables of Port Success Before and After the Container Revolution: The South Atlantic and Gulf Regions. (2001)

F. Wong, Event Tourism and the Product Life Cycle: The Brimfield, Massachusetts Antiques and Collectibles Show. (2000)

C. Copp, Networking Trends of Small Tourism Businesses: A Case Study of Post- Socialist Slovakia. (2000)

D. Johns, Hierarchical Structure of Cities in the European Union: A Study of Air Transport Accessibility. (1999)

A. Simons, An Analysis of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and Selected Ports. (1999)

J. Wilson, Use of GIS to Improve the User Interface Design of an Airline Reservation Web Site. (1999)

R. Guffey, Targeting and Economic Development in Florida. (1997)

C. Schiavone, A Comparison of Elderly Migration Streams in the United States: 1970 and 1990. (1997)

M. Caravelis, The Dependent Economy of Sotiras, Thasos, Greece. (1996)

S. McGinn, Economic Regionalization of Estonia in the Twentieth Century. (1996)

Dr. Ivy's Dissertations Supervised:

M Caravelis, Unbounded Ethnic Communities: The Greek-Canadian Culturescape of South Florida