Dr. Charles Roberts

Charles Roberts, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Chair

Email croberts@fau.edu
Phone (561) 297-3254
Office SE 402


Ph.D. in Geography (Pennsylvania State University)
MA in Geography (Pennsylvania State University)
BA in Geography - Anthropology (Vassar College)

Research Interests

Extracting thematic information from remotely sensed imagery

Reconstructing Past Environments

Monitoring environmental change with historical aerial photographs and satellite imagery

The historical geography of industrial restructuring from merchantilism to global capitalism

Vernacular architecture and the cultural landscape


GISC 4037 and 5037 Digital Image Analysis
GISC 4138C Geovisualization
GIS GEA 4275 Human-Environmental Interactions in South Florida
GEO 4422 American Cultural Landscapes GIS 6039 Advanced Remote Sensing
GEO 6938 Research in the Geosciences

List of Theses Supervised

Recent Publications

Petuch, Edward J. and Charles E. Roberts, "The Geology of the Everglades and Adjacent Areas," 2007 CRC Press.

2006 Zheng, Y., Z. Xie, C. Roberts, L. Jiang, and H. Shimizu Did climate drive ecosystem change and induce desertification in Otindag sandy land, China over the past 40 years? Journal of Arid Environments , 64,523-541.

(Invited submission) With Jerald Kennedy, Mike Harris, Valentino Martinez and James Gammack-Clark, “Resource Exploitation in the South-Central Coast of Ecuador: An Interdisciplinary Work.” Expedition, U of PA. Museum Publications. 2004.

With David Lee, “The Market at Tlacolula,” Accepted for publication in Focus, Fall 2004.

With Brian Coffey, “Racial Differences in Mortgage Lending Rates in Florida,” Florida Geographer, Vol. 31, 2000.

“Racial Differences in Mortgage Lending Rates in the Southeast,” Southeast Geographer, May 1999, p.46-60.