Dr. Robert's Theses Supervised:

Yustin, Michael A. “Historical Analysis of Development and its Impacts on the Ecology of the Grassy Watees Preserve. 2006 M.S. in Environmental Science.

Mary Beth Stoddard ”A LIDAR based predevelopment Digital Elevation Model of Southeastern Palm Beach County.” 2005 M.S. in Geology

Jennifer Zumbado, “Classification of Mature Australian Pines (Casuarina equisetifolia) using LIDAR data in Broward County.” 2003 M.S. in Environmental Science

James Gammack-Clark, “Image Rectification/Registration from a Project Management Perspective: A Review of Various Softwares.” 2001 M.A. in Geography.

Brian J. Boruff, “Image Classification and Image Resolution Issues for DOQQ Analysis.” 2000 (M.A. in Geography.)

Hopkins, Emily E. “A Simple Model for Estimating Insolation from GOES Satellite Data.” 1999 M.A. in Geography.

Mayo, Kevin, “An information visualization of Hurricane Andrew’s track across South Florida, August 23-24,1992.” 1998 M.A. in Geography

James Vacchiano, “Supervised Classification of a Digital Orthographic Quarter Quadrangle” 1998 M.A. in Geography.

Susan Farnsworth, “Reconstructing Predevelopment Conditions of Lake Worth Creek using historical maps, accounts and aerial photography.”1998 M.A. in Geography.

Victoria E. Morrow, “Using Scientific Visualization to Enhance Historical Aerial Photography in Documenting Vegetation Change Over Time: Melaleuca Quinquenervia, a Case Study. 1997 (M.A. in Geography.)

Justine Delahunty, “Image Ratioing as Appropriate Technology for Monitoring Vegetation Cover in the Caribbean.” 1997 M.A. in Geography.

Thomas Dobbs, “An Analysis of the Utility of A Normalized Difference Vegetation Index for Inventorying Urban Greenspace.”1997 M.A. in Geography.

Eric J. Householder,” Culturally Derived Watersheds and their effect on the Spectral Signatures of Vegetation in the Dupuis Reserve.” 1997 M.A. in Geography.

Susan Hohner, “Vegetation Time Series Analysis of the Loxahatchee Slough, Palm Beach County, Florida. A GIS incorporating satellite imagery and Black and White Aerial Photographs. 1994 M.A. in Geography.

Richard Scott Roberts, “An Evaluation of Post Classification Comparisons for Historical Land Information Systems. 1997 M.A. in Geography.

Robert Boutiette, “Iterative Remote Sensing As An Alternative For Complex Vegetation Mapping. 1997 M.A. in Geography.

Conway, Michael, “From Photointerpretation to GIS: Data Quality Assessments.” 1996 M.A. in Geography.

Cornelia Jarica,”Commercialization of High Resolution Earth Observation Satellite Remote Sensing.” 1996 M.A. in Geography

Ahmad Poudratchi, “Population Distribution Analysis for Water Supply Planning, Using Textural Image Classification of SPOT Data in an Integrated Geographical Information System. 1996. M.A. in Geography.