Petrology of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks - GLY 4310C

Spring Term, 2012

Keys for Final Examination and Lab Final are posted. Grades have been posted to the server on Wednesday, and will be available to students on Thursday. Exams may be picked up at my office.

Anyone with free time on their hands? We still have plenty of things to do concerning the move.....If interested, please see me.

Some of you have seen the illuminated hand lenses that Ed and Shea have. Shea sent me the following link, if you are interested. The lens is toward the bottom of the page.

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Laboratory Schedule

Laboratory Keys

Lab 1 Key

Lab 2 Key

Lab 3 Key

Lab Midterm 1 Key - Statistics are posted. Class average was 86.4%, B

Lab Midterm 2 Key - Statistics are posted. Class average was 77.0%, C+.

Laboratory Final Key - Statistics are posted. Class average was 77.2%, C+.

Laboratory Hand Outs - May be downloaded and printed for use in lab (these are PDF files)

Lab 1 - Description

Lab 1 - Hand specimen

Lab 2 - Description

Lab 2 - Hand specimen

Lab 3 - Description

Lab 3 - Hand specimen

Lab 4 - Description

Lab 4 - Specimen characteristics

Lab 5 - Description

Lab 5 - Specimen characteristics

Lab 6 - Description

Lab 6 - Specimen characteristics

Lab 7 - Description

Lab 7 - Specimen characteristics

Lab 8 - Description

Lab 8 - Specimen characteristics

Lab 9 - Description

Lab 9 - Specimen characteristics

Lab 10 - Description

Lab 10 - Specimen characteristics

Lab 11 - Description

Lab 11 - Specimen characteristics

Lab 12 - Description

Lab 12 - Specimen characteristics



Laboratory PowerPoint Supplements

Mineralogy Laboratory 11 - Twinning, Zoning, and Exsolution

Mineralogy Laboratory 12 - Pleochroism, Interference Colors, and Extinction Angles

Mineralogy Laboratory 13 - Uniaxial Interference Figures

Mineralogy Laboratory 14 - Biaxial Interference Figures

Lab 4 - Basalt, Diabase, Andesite, Dacite

Lab 5 - Rhyolite, Latite, Trachyte, Glassy

Lab 6 - Tonalite, Diorite, Gabbro, Norite and Anorthosite

Lab 7 - Granite, Alkali Feldspar Granite, Granodiorite, Monzonite, and Quartz Monzonite

Lab 8 - Syenite, Phonolite, Ijolite, Carbonatite, Ultramafic Rocks and Lamprophyre

Lab 9 - Slate, Phyllite, Greenstone and Schist

Lab 10 - Gneiss and Eclogite

Lab 11 - Marble, Quartzite, and Serpentinite

Lab 12 - Contact and Dynamic Metamorphic Rocks


Lecture Presentations

All presentations are PowerPoint files. Please be aware that these presentations DO NOT contain all of the material presented in lecture, and viewing them is in no way a suitable alternative for coming to class.

Lecture Presentations - PowerPoint Files
Presentations on Midterm 1 Presentations on Midterm 2 Presentations on Final Examination
Silicate Minerals
Petrology Lecture 4
Petrology Lecture 9
What is Petrology?
Petrology Lecture 5
Petrology Lecture 10
Petrology Lecture 1
Petrology Lecture 6
Petrology Lecture 11
Petrology Lecture 2
Petrology Lecture 7
Metamorphic Petrology Review
Petrology Lecture 3
Petrology Lecture 8

* Presentation is preliminary - more material will be added

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Mineral Data

Mineral Images

Mineral Resources

Mineral Societies


Optical Mineralogy

Phase Diagrams

Physical Properties


The following links have information and graphics which help to clarify the concepts of symmetry

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