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Spring Term, 2013

With 24 minutes to spare, all FSR's were submitted successfully. Good job!

Dr. Comas has posted his photos from JFC at G:\CourseMaterial\JFC 2013 photos Comas. Anyone else who has photos they would like to share, please contact Dr. Warburton and we can add them.


Field Site Reports

Instructions for the Field Site Reports will be given in class on 3/15/13. Sites will be assigned in class on March 15, 2013. Papers are due 4/5/13, and late work is unacceptable. Information on Compressing Large Digital Images is here (thanks to Dr. Hindle).

  • Examination

    Wordlist for examination - February 22, 2013 - Wordlist is final.

    Examination Key - Class average 84.4% - Class average advanced students -82.7% Class average First year students - 85.7%!!! A very severe case of SENIORITIS for some students. Grades are posted on Blackboard. For those students in petrology exams will be returned Wednesday. Everyone else please stop by my office when you bring your field gear in.


    Geology Cartoon

    Virtual Field Trips

    Virtual Field Trip of Selected Exposures of the Miami Limestone

    Virtual Field Trip of The Anastasia Formation in Palm Beach and Martin Counties

    Additional Resources

    The background of students in this course is quite varied. The resources listed below may be useful to students who have not yet had certain courses.

    Background Geology Information

    Pamela J. W. Gore, (March 20, 2002). Crustal Deformation and Folds,, (last seen January 7, 2013). Dr. Gore is a professor at Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston, GA, and has prepared some of the best instructional geology web pages available on the Internet.

    Pamela J. W. Gore, (July 17, 1999 ). Faults,, (last seen January 7, 2013).

    Erwin J. Mantei, (August 31, 2005). Geologic Structures,, (last modified November 15, 2006). An excellent overview of structural geology terminology, with many diagrams and links to other useful sites. If you haven't had structural geology yet, you should visit this site. In particular, you should review the idea of faulting, especially thrust faulting, (last seen January 10, 2007).

    Ray Sterner, (November 9, 2005). Color Landform Atlas of the United States,, (last seen January 11, 2005). Links to various images of all fifty states. Image types include satellite images, and various types of maps, (last seen January 13, 2006).

    Birth of the Mountains USGS publication describing the formation of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, by Sandra H.B. Clark (December 1, 2001). (last seen January 13, 2006).

    References to the Geology of Stone Mountain, Georgia

    Geologic Map of Georgia (May 16, 1998) Large scale map of Georgia showing various geomorphic provinces (last seen January 7, 2013).

    Geologic Terms relevant to Stone Mountain (April 23, 2002) Short list of definitions pertinent to Stone Mountain (last seen January 13, 2006).

    A Stone Mountain Photo Album, Bill Witherspoon, (April 23, 2002). (last seen January 13, 2006).

    Geology of Stone Mountain, Georgia Written by Professor Pamela Gore, this is an online version of a guidebook for the Southeastern Section, Geological Society of America Field Trip Athens, GA September 6, 2004 (last seen January 7, 2013).

    Stone Mountain Field Trip (August 18, 2004) Photos from a field trip to Stone Mountain, (last seen January 13, 2006).

    References to the Geology of Eastern Tennessee.

    Cades Cove Geologic Mapping Project , Scott Southworth, (June 7, 2005) This USGS site has links to a number of useful references, including geologic maps and photos (with descriptions) keyed to the maps.(last seen January 10, 2007).

    Geologic Map of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Region, Tennessee and North Carolina, USGS, (September 21, 2005) Links to the map file, report text, and an explanation of the map units (last seen January 10, 2007).

    Geology of the Ocoee Whitewater Center, Cherokee National Forest (August 17, 1999) USGS description of the local geology - They have a short geology tour, with map and descriptions, here (last seen January 13, 2006).

    Copper Basin Reclamation Project by Patricia Clark, University of Tennessee (April 19, 2005)- documents efforts to restore Polk County, TN (last seen January 13, 2006).

    MINERALS AND MINING OF THE COPPER BASIN" by Kim Cochran , (April 8, 2002) A good overview of the minerals found in the Copper Basin, the geologic history, and the mining history of the region. There is also a very good summary of environmental damage and remediation. (last seen January 13, 2006).

    Ocoee Dams - (April 26, 2005) Information from the TVA about each dam (last seen January 13, 2006).

    Ocoee Dam No. 1 and Parksville Reservoir , (July 19, 2004) (last seen January 10, 2007).

    Ocoee Reservoir No. 2 (last seen January 10, 2007).

    Ocoee Reservoir No. 3 (last seen January 28, 2006).

    References to the Geology of Western North Carolina

    1985 Geologic Map of North Carolina - The source web site is a Forenisc Geology course taught by Dr. Jeffrey C. reid, P.G., CPG at North Carolina State University, Raleigh. There are links to a number of potentially useful web resources for North Carolina geology.

    Geologic Map of North Carolina Bedrock geology of Noth Carolina. (last seen January 8, 2013).

    Metamorphic Rocks, Pamela J. W. Gore This is a general introduction to metamorphism, but the focus is on the Southern Appalachian region. It goes into more depth than our one hour time slot allowed us to. There are a couple of dozen photo. This will be good further reading for those not familiar with the topic, and a good review for those who are. Prof. Gore teaches at Georgia Perimeter College (last seen January 28, 2006).

    Microtextures of metamorphic rocks This site is written by the staff at the University of North Carolina. It features photos and descriptions of metamorphic microtextures.(last seen January 7, 2013).

    Barrovian Metamorphism: Facies, Index Minerals, Zones and the Measure of Metamorphic Grade A good introduction to the idea of increasing metamorphic grade, well illustrated.(last seen January 28, 2006).

    PowerPoint Presentations

    Lectures in PowerPoint format

    Appalachian Geology Overview

    Geology of Stone Mountain, Georgia

    Southeastern U.S. Geologic History and Geology of Ocoee River Valley

    Geology of North Carolina Metamorphic Terranes
    Field Techniques
    Junior Field Camp 2013
    Field Site Report Preparation

    Field Site Reports and Field Notebooks Grading



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