Student Spotlight with Kathryn Lovelady

Kathryn "Katy" Lovelady is an FAU alumna who graduated in 2009 with her B.S. in Geology, acquired a GIS Certificate in 2011, and graduated with her M.S. in Geology in 2012. Lovelady is currently employed by Maverick Engineering and Construction, whose headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts, as Design Engineering Manager for the last year.

What are some of your core responsibilities?

Managing a large team that engineers telecom networks utilizing GIS software. Engineering entails reviewing project proposals, preliminary route assessment, field survey research, utility pole Make Ready Engineering (MRE), construction document creation, and construction or Right of Way permit acquisition. In this day and age with everyone working and learning from home, I love being a part of the industry paving a way for stronger communication networks, to sustain this for the future. On a smaller scale, I thoroughly enjoy the dynamic nature of being part of a project and seeing it to completion, to the point where the network can successfully be "lit up".

How did FAU help prepare you for this role?

My certificate in GIS got me in the door at the ground level utilizing ArcMap to produce telecom permit plans. I took a position doing shift work starting at 4:30 am and quickly moved into advanced roles as opportunities arose. And while my GIS skills may not have expanded as rapidly as my management or leadership skills, I can certainly attribute a portion of that to my experience as a Teaching Assistant within the department. That being said I still find joy in teaching others about the industry and helping individuals grow in their careers.

What did you enjoy about your experience at FAU?

Other than helping me launch a successful career, I love the ethos- or sense of community at FAU. I am a double graduate and a very proud double graduate. I met my best friends as a resident of the Boca Campus. And not notch to that was the experience of Field Camp.

What tips would you give to current students in the College of Science looking to pursue a career in your field?

I would first encourage a student to stay up to date on industry news, there are a number of organizations to join and follow, as well as free webinars and conferences to attend throughout the year. If you are a recent graduate, explore staffing agencies to help you get placed. FAU has great resources available as well.