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Associate Professor, Dr. Scott Markwith’s helps save wild animals

Top Award

Associate Professor, Dr. Scott Markwith’s research is helping save wild animals from the dangers of busy highways. His research on roadways throughout Florida showed container screens are solutions for highways with the transit of wild animals in areas such as Brazil.  Read more here

The New York Times discusses the research in an article with
Dr. Markwith’s colleague, Dr. Julio Cesar de Souza.
Read more here

Matt McClellan: A Better Way to Probe Peat

Student Research

Ph.D. Student Matt McClellan employs a technology called
ground-penetrating radar (GPR), which uses high-frequency radar pulses to quickly and noninvasively create below-the-surface images. Matt and his team led by Dr. Xavier Comas used GPR to determine the volume of peat in several depressional wetlands in the Disney Wilderness Preserve in Florida.


  • Congratulations to Sara Denka, a Ph.D. student advised by Dr. Zhang, on winning a NASA FSGC fellow under the Dissertation/Thesis Improvement Program
  • Congratulations to Meagan Weisner on winning the Student Research Presentation Award (awarded by the Water Resources Specialty Group) in AAG. 
  • Congratulations to Ph.D. student Molly Smith who won the second place of Illustrated Paper Award of RSSG at AAG last week. Her paper is entitled as “Sand Analysis Using a Combined Spectroscopic and Microscopic Technique”