Dr. Erik JohansonErik Johanson, Ph.D.

Assisstant Professor

Email ejohanson@fau.edu
Phone (561) 297-4153
Office SE 474

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Dr. Johanson studies human-environment interaction and environmental change across the Holocene. His interests center around how people shape their environments and respond to climate stress. With a background in geography and anthropology, many of his studies look to the past to inform the present. Work includes pre- and post-maize agricultural fire histories in Costa Rica, timing and pathways for dissemination of key agricultural domesticates, societal response to multi-decadal drought events in the Neotropics, tropical paleoecology, the development of paleoclimate records in the Neotropics, and the impact and modeling of sea level change.


Research Interests

  • Reconstructing past environments & environmental change
  • Human-environment interaction across the Holocene
  • Paleoclimatology
  • Modern pollen and vegetation composition as related to climate patterns
  • Coastal modeling of climate change scenarios and storm surge


Research Specializations

  • Palynology
  • Stable light isotope geochemistry
  • Charcoal analysis
  • Spatial modeling



Ph.D. in Geography (University of Tennessee) 2016 
M.A. in Anthropology 
(University of Tennessee) 2011
B.A. in
Anthropology (University of Tennessee) 2008 



GEA 2000: World Geography (Summer)

EVR 4112: Natural Hazards, Climate, & Society

EVR 6115: Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction