Weibo LiuWeibo Liu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Phone (561) 297-4965
Office SE 410                        Personal webpage



Ph.D. in Geography (University of Kansas) 2016 
MS in 
Geographic Information Science (China University of Petroleum) 2011
BS in
Geographic Information Science (China University of Petroleum) 2008


Research Interests

Geographic Information Science
Spatiotemporal Data Modelling

Geocomputational Methods in GIS and WebGIS
Remote Sensing Application



GIS 4043C/5051C: Principles of Geographic Information Systems
GIS 4048C/5100C: Applications in GIS
GIS 4102C/5103C: Programming in GIS
GIS 4118/6112C:  Geospatial Databases
GEO 4930/6938 :  Web GIS



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