Training and Services

The center and the department have offered various training and workshops on geospatial technologies.

Training Includes:

  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

  • Advanced Geographic Information Systems

  • Introduction to Mobile Geographic Information Systems

  • Spatial data analysis

  • Custom workshops

For more information, please send email to Mr. James-Gammack Clark:


Consulting Services

  • Geospatial data collection with mobile mobile GIS

  • Geospatial database management system development

  • Professional GIS mapping

  • Spatial data analysis and modeling

  • Internet GIS website development

  • Customized GIS application development and programming

  • Remote sensing data collection and processing

  • Muti-spectral image processing

  • Hyperspectral remote sensing

  • LiDAR remote sensing

  • Object based image processing

  • Mapping of urban areas

  • Natural area mapping

  • Digital elevation modeling

  • Water surface elevation modeling

  • Hydrological modeling

  • Ground water modeling

  • Water qulity monitoring and data processing

  • Integration of GIS, remote sensing and GPS

  • School districting

  • Electorate districting

  • Traffic accident hotspot detection

  • Crime hotspot detection

  • Invasive exotic plant mapping 


  • South Florida Water Management District

  • Osceola District Schools

  • Florida Center for Environmental Studies

  • The United State Geological Survey (USGS)

  • Everglades Park, US National Park Services

  • The Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge, US Fish and Wildlife Service

  • Ocean Research and Conservation Association

  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

  • Cepemar Environmental Services


The center supplies services of  making professional maps and plotting maps or posters with our large format plotter.

(pricing and procedures TBD)


Through many courses and student training, we have access to a large pool of students with GIS skills. If your organization needs qualified interns, please contact us through our contact link.