Hydrogeology Lab

Hydrogeology research at FAU falls into the following categories 1) water chemistry, 2) groundwater-surface water interactions, and 3) water resources sustainability. The water chemistry research focuses on the use of chemistry as a tool for delineating water flow paths and characterizing surface water-groundwater interactions. A combination of field, laboratory, and modeling techniques are applied to explore the relationships between factors that influence water chemistry including biogeochemistry, geologic setting, and human activities. Another avenue of hydrogeology research at FAU is the sustainability of water resources, including how climate change will impact the water cycle, water availability, and water quality. Additionally, we investigate human perceptions of water availability and water quality; the aim of this research is to inform water conservation policy and shed light on factors that affect public trust in the safety of water supplies.

For more information, contact Dr. Tara Root at troot@fau.edu .