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Lab Director

Dr. Tara Root  

Associate Professor
Department of Geosciences

E-mail: troot@fau.edu



Ph.D. in Geology and Geophysics (University of Wisconsin-Madison) 2005
MS in Geology and Geophysics (University of Wisconsin-Madison) 2000
BS in Geological Engineering (Colorado School of Mines) 1998

Research Interests: Groundwater chemistry, Water-rock interaction, Groundwater sustainability

Dr. Tara Root Faculty page 
Dr. Root personal website


Primary Advisees- Completed degrees


Jesse Greathouse

M.S. Geosciences, 2019

Thesis:  Development and Application of Methods for Stable Water Isotope Sampling from Low Gradient Canals


Meagan Weisner

Ph.D. Geosciences, 2019 

Dissertation:  Examining the relationships between socioeconomics and drinking water quality: Palm Beach County, FL


Lisa Survis

Ph.D. Geosciences, 2016

Dissertation:  Beyond water restrictions: Informing effective lawn watering behavior


Christine Harvey

M.S. Environmental Sciences, 2016



Tania Leung

M.S. Geology, 2015

Thesis:  Establishing spatiotemporal linkages between hydrological and soil physical characteristics and vegetation on an ecological preserve: Boca Raton, FL


Samantha Perry

M.S. Environmental Sciences, 2015



Richard Westcott

M.S. Geology, 2014

Thesis:  Three-dimensional geomodeling to identify spatial relations between lithostratigraphy and porosity in the carbonate Biscayne aquifer, Southeastern Florida


Brian Banks

M.S. Environmental Sciences, 2013



Michelle Infande

M.S. Environmental Sciences, 2013



Dominick Antolino

M.S. Geology, 2011

Thesis:  Geochemical conditions and groundwater-surface water interactions within a municipal well field in Miami-Dade County, FL

Tina Kuhn

M.S. Geology, 2011



Felicia Survis

M.S. Geology, 2010

Thesis:  Residential lawn water use and lawn irrigation practices: Wellington, Florida


Eric Carlson

M.S. Geology, 2008

Thesis:  Analysis of background water chemistry and local hydrologic conditions of pondhawk natural area pre-wetland construction

Siana Lakhan

M.S. Geology, 2007

Thesis:  Domestic water in Northern Trinidad: Access, collection, and quality. Co-Advised with Dr. Maria Fadiman


Current Advisees

Greg Cook, M.S. Geosciences, expected Fall 2019
Gino Garlaschi, M.S. Geosciences, expected spring 2021
Skylar Hooler, M.S. Geosciences, expected spring 2021
Lucas Schafer, M.S. Geosciences, expected spring 2021
Kyle Shaver, M.S. Geosciences, expected spring 2010
Ryan Temple, M.S. Geosciences, expected fall 2021
Monty Watson, M.S. Geosciences, expected spring 2021
Clifford Sanders, Ph.D. Geosciences (Co-advising with Dr. Tobin Hindle)


Graduate Committee Participation- Completed Degrees

Heather D'Antonio, M.S. Geology, 2012
 Mark Olson, M.S. Geosciences, 2019
Troy Bole, M.S. Geosciences, 2019
Joe Becker, M.S. Geosciences, 2019
Robert Carroll, M.S. Geosciences, 2018
Cali Munzenrieder, M.S. Geology, 2016
Jana Kepley, M.S. Geography, 2016
Edward Vandamas, M.S. Geology, 2015
Cara Abbott, M.S. Environmental Science, 2014
Keren Bolter, Ph.D. Geosciences, 2014
Greg Mount, Ph.D. Geosciences, 2014
Caroline Wright, M.S. Geology, 2013
William Wright, M.S. Geology, 2013
Garren Mezza, M.S. Environmental Sciences, 2012
Corrie Rainyn, M.A. Geography, 2012
Zachary Mester, M.S. Geology, 2011
Keren Bolter, M.S. Environmental Sciences, 2010
Elizabeth Quinn, M.S. Geology, 2007


Current Committee Participation

Matt Siriani, Ph.D. Geosciences
Andrew Kamerosky, Ph.D. Geosciences
Alexandra Lovelar, M.S. Geosciences, expected Fall 2019
Jacob Russell, M.S. Geosciences