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Is a Graduate Degree in Geosciences for Me?

Geoscientists use a variety of interdisciplinary methods including fieldwork, remote sensing, and mathematical modeling to assess
the spatial patterns of humans, animals, and plants in nature and the dynamics of their interactions. Geoscientists are particularly interested in understanding the past, present, and future impact of human settlement on the physical and living systems in nature.

The Department of Geosciences offers three graduate degrees and two graduate certificates:

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) with a major in Geosciences

Master of Science (M.S.) with a major in Geosciences

Graduate Certificates

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What's Special about the Graduate Programs in Geosciences at FAU?

Human-Environment Systems: Human-Environmental Modeling, Urban and Regional Development and Sustainability, Ethnobotany,
Biogeography, Environmental   Restoration, Florida Center for Environmental StudiesEnvironmental Sciences Program
Human Geography: Urban and Regional Geography
Geographic  Information Science: Fieldwork, GIS, Remote Sensing, other analytical techniques in Geospatial Modeling, 
Center for Geo-Information Science
Hydrology and Water Resources
Environmental geophysics
Coastal geology
Paleobiology, Stratigraphy, and Paleoclimatology
Marine Science and Oceanography Program


For information about the Ph.D. and MS programs contact: 

Dr. Tobin HIndle
Director, Doctoral Program in Geosciences

Department of Geosciences
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades RD
Boca Raton, FL 33431